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About The Kit

What is it?

The Timbersled Mountainhorse conversion kit takes an MX bike and turns it into a snow rippin’ machine. It’s just like what you would imagine it to be like to ride a dirt bike in the snow!

The Mountain Horse Snow Bike conversion kit is the first ever Snow Bike Kit designed for the mountains (patent-pending).first ever Snow Bike Kit designed for the mountains

Riding a Mountain Horse snow bike provides the same enjoyment as snowmobiling, but with its own unique characteristics. A bike and a sled can go similar places in the mountains, but the bike can take a completely different route. Simply put, a snow bike can go places a sled cannot. A sled can go straight up a hill easier than a snow bike because of the horsepower they have; unfortunately, they have to come straight back down due to their lack of maneuverability.

Sleds are much heavier and have a planted ski stance, making them hard to side-hill and perform off camber turns. This usually requires a lot of strength and experience to accomplish. Snow bikes are about 200 pounds lighter than a sled. When riding a snow bike, balance it upright the same as you would on any bike. When you stop, it sticks in the snow and holds itself up without having to put your foot down.

Its handling is much more accurate and will fit through tight areas (between trees, across narrow snow bridges, etc.). A snow bike also has much more control going down hills than a sled. You don’t need to go straight down with the possibility of getting out of control. If it’s too steep or has too many obstructing trees to go straight down, you can side hill and perform switch-backs – similar to what you’d do on snow skis or a snow board. With this technique, you are able to stop in the middle of a steep hill if you choose.

This amount of control will give you the confidence to safely go and explore areas that you’ve always dreamed. On a snow bike, you don’t have to stay on trails the same as you would when riding dirt bikes. Snow biking gives you the freedom to fly through the trees, up and down mountains, across powdery meadows, through ravines and ditches, across creeks, or find fresh tracks no matter how torn up your normal riding area becomes.

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