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2016 Mountain Horse

Introducing the best Timbersled Snowbike yet...

2016 Mountain Horse Snow Bike Systems

Dirt bikes have nimble handling, plush suspension and limited power. For 2016 the Timbersled Team focused on adding that nimble dirt bike feel, maximizing power transfer to the snow, and on designing a rear suspension that not only had a perfect travel path, but was so ultra-sensitive to terrain and snow consistency changes that it could rise on top of the snow like no other snow bike conversion system ever conceived.

Chasing efficiency is not just accomplished by going light-weight. It comes through perfecting a suspension’s compression path to eliminate parasitic loss from track tensioning changes, by significantly reducing rotating mass, by enhancing response at the moment of inertia, and by questioning everything. We have made more significant improvements for 2016 to the Mountain Horse lineup than we’ve made in all previous years combined.

Nothing beats the best technology, combined with the most experience. That’s one reason why nothing beats the 2016 Timbersled Mountain Horse.

ST on a KTM
ST Kit


The Long Track (LT) (137 x 12.5 x 2)
The Snow Cross (SX) (120 x 10.5 x 2)

The Breakdown

Learn what sets the 2015 Mountain Horse apart from previous models.

Integrated Gas Can and Rack System
Tunnel Graphics
Lower Seat Height and Refined Chassis Angle
The Tunnel
Drive Bearings
Drive System
Chain Case Cover
Brake System
Rear Suspension
The Ski

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