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Mountain Tamer Construction

Kit Construction

Piece By Piece Breakdown

Back Suspension System
The Track
Tunnel Assembly
Drive System
Spindle Assembly
The Ski

Awesome Features of Our Kits

  • 10” wide with 3 keels that allow for precision handling and best possible flotation in the powder.
  • The new dual track center skag allows the 10” TS Backcountry ski to track 50% better than before. It allows you to ride down the trail with the comfort of minimal darting or shiftiness. This skag is also available for previous year TS Backcountry skis.
  • Outside keels are only 3/4” wide and are a 1” shorter than the center keel. They are located to the very outer edge of the ski so they provide super secure feeling when side hilling and cornering.
  • 3-1/2” of space in-between keels. This allows enough space to prevent freezing or plugging up with snow.
  • With the combination of the center keel being taller than the outers, when you lean or side hill you are always on 2 keels. This allows the ski to track very straight without darting and provides very easy steering in most conditions.
  • Front outer edge of the ski has a 1/4” tall ledge leading from the front of the outer keels to the ski-loop. This makes the ski respond instantly in soft snow when you steer into a side hill with out slipping out to the side.
  • Front leading edge of the 2 outer keels are farther forward of the leading edge of the center keel. This adds steering responsiveness and eliminates front end push in soft snow.
  • Straight cut grooves in the bottom of the ski that extend full length and are 1/2” apart. This helps with straight line tracking on set up snow conditions such as on the trail and in wet snow.
  • 3 mounting positions for the ski saddle. This allows you to position the ski forward or backward to change the steering characteristics.
  • All 3 ski skags are inserted with carbide down the full length of each skag so they will last a long time. The back half of the skags have 60 deg carbides that stick out for stability on ice and make the ski track straighter.


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