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Kit Models

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With three model choices, there is a Mountainhorse kit for everyone. Our experience is that the ST is the most bang for the buck and an outstanding choice for Midwestern riders! Also a great choice for out west, too, as the shorter track allows more engine RPM and great maneuverability in tight situations.

Kit Pricing

Model Type Track Track Kit Price Fit Kit Price Complete Kit Price
ST Short Track Kit L:120″
$5,200 $300 $5,500
LT Long Track Kit L:137″
$5,900 $300 $6,200
SX Snow Cross Kit L:121″
$6,100 $400 $6,500

The Breakdown

ST Mountain Horse Kit
LT Mountain Horse Kit
SX Mountain Horse Kit

Client Builds

Honda CR450
Husaberg 570
Husaberg 650
Kawasaki KX450
KTM 530
KTM 690R
Suzuki RMZ450
SX on a Honda
Yamaha YZF450

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